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Random. Very Random.

28 June 1987
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I'm funny, I'm serious. I'm short and proud of it!! I'm innocent, I'm worldly. I'm nice, I'm a bitch. I'm everything and yet I'm nothing all at once. In short, I'm me and I like it. ^__~

But to be more specific:
I like dogs (except pugs and bulldogs), I like to read almost anything. I dislike snobs and bigots. I'm extremely liberal, and very little phases me. That can be good or bad. Anyways, I'm a good people person (usually), but I can be a bitch at times. I apologize up front if I've said something that's really untoward. But I most often say it as it is, so I don't say things to be mean, mostly. Unless you're having a word war with me. Then anything goes.

Oh yes, friends have said this but I don't know if it's true: I'm supposedly a good listener? I thank you for the compliment! XD

Yes...what else do you need to know about me? ...I dunno, you decide. Can't be that hard. Lol.