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Nail Polish! Pic Heavy Post!

I'm so bad about keeping up with nail polish swatches and posts. Sorry... so, here's a bunch!

This is one of OPI's spring 2012 collection I Don't Give a Rotterdam. I can only say this: I LOVE IT. I loved it so much I wore it for twice the amount of time a nail polish usually lasts on me.

This is Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Wild Orchid. It's a very pretty polish. Since I'm generally not as neat as I could be when I paint my nails, I don't like Rimmel London's extra wide brushes. However! This is a great color for spring.

Between Wild Orchid and the next polish I'm showing a swatch of, I wore Sinful Colors Fiji. It's a great-looking purple in the bottle, and online swatches of it was absolutely amazing. However, it took at least 4 coats to reach opacity, and the end result was so messy and goopy that I hated it immediately. I slept with them for one night, to see if I'd like them better, but I still hated them when I woke up and immediately stripped them.

If anyone would like it, they can have it, just pay shipping (it won't be much). On the other hand, if anyone would like to do a swap for it, I have other nail polishes I'd be willing to part with!

This is Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Hard Metal. Even though I still dislike the extra wide brush, the application and the colors made me much happier than the Sinful Colors polish.

Last one! Pure Ice Splash, one of my oldest nail polishes and an absolutely fabulous ice-water color.

On a separate note, I HAVE NOT BROKEN LENT. despite ALL WHO INSINUATE otherwise. *feels smug*

Lent Begins...

Hello everybody! For those who don’t know, today, February 22, 2012 is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. It will end April 5th, 2012. For those of you who are Catholic and follow this faith, I wish you great luck in keeping your sacrifices.

I just want to make it clear that I am NOT Catholic. However, I voluntarily participate in the ‘sacrifice something’ part of Lent. When I was a little girl, I had a very good friend who was Catholic, and I started participating in Lent with her to keep her company. I’ve kept it up ever since. Some years I’m more successful, some years I fail in the first few weeks. I’ve found that even though it’s only 40 days, it makes a good reminder of how much I have, and to not complain about what I don’t.

This year, I am ‘giving up’ 3 things. All 3 are actions. The first one is not buying new pens.

...Let me wait while you laugh...

Yes, I know I have a glut of pens. I recently bought some Sharpies too. However, my pen addiction has been a part of me since I was in...middle school, and it’s not likely to go away. As such, I feel it would appropriate to give up spending my money on an item I already have a ton of.

The second one is not buying new nail polish.

...Let me wait while you laugh again...

Nail polish is a rather new addiction for me, it didn’t start until late last year. However, it has grown very (rather frighteningly) quickly. A break is probably good for me. A friend mentioned I could give up both buying AND painting nail polish. ...I’m not ashamed to admit I had nightmares that night. In my nightmare, I envisioned painting my nails 3 different colors on each nail, for each hand and foot, so i could use all my nail polishes before Lent started. (It was rather horrifying.) Also, no, I don’t own 60 different polishes.

The third thing is an old one; giving up sweets. XD I ran out and bought myself a giant red velvet cupcake two days ago to satisfy my sweet tooth before I embarked on this one.

So, wish me luck, and I apologize in advance for any grumpiness or whining you may (actually, probably will) encounter!

OPI Take the Stage

It's been a while since a nail polish post, hasn't it! :D

This is OPI Take the Stage, and it is a burnt orange with shimmer. This is the first orange polish I have owned/worn! I really didn't think that orange would look good against my skin, and I thought that it would bring out all the yellow in my skintone, making me washed out and jaundiced-looking.

WHEW AM I GLAD THIS DOESN'T!!! XDD I'm not sure what property this orange has that makes it look so good (nail polish expert I am NOT). Maybe because it's a 'cool' orange? Or am I completely wrong and it's a 'warm' orange? ...Eh. who the heck knows!

I bought this on sale from Ulta for $3.99. Whoo clearance nail polishes! So much better than their usual $8.50 price tag.

I have no complaints about this polish. I used three coats for complete opacity, the formula was smooth and applied beautifully.

All in all, great polish!

I started wearing this 2/19/2012.

Obsessions. Good for the soul, they are.

Someone told me I should write about all my obsessions, not just nail polish. I said that would make me sound like a crazy person. Unfortunately, this logic was refuted by a simple statement: "You ARE a crazy person, hon."

...I deny that categorically and absolutely. *sniff*

However, she does have a point. So, here, in no particular order of 'most obsessed' to 'least obsessed', are a list of things/activities I thoroughly enjoy

1) Books. All books. Most genres. Most popular being science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and mythological information. Classics too.

2) Pens. Yeah, yeah laugh it up. I love pens. I have the collection to prove it.

3) Notebooks. How else can I use all my pens??

4) Cooking. I love cooking. Looking up new recipes and old, trying them out, playing with them to suit my personal tastes (that is...spicy and NO ONIONS, PLEASE), and best of all, eating them! ...no wonder I weigh what I do. >.>

5) Nail polish. XD Please do note that this is my most *recent* obsession. And for those curious, my nail polish collection is *not* greater than my pen collection. HA. NOT EVEN CLOSE. ...I pray it will never get that close. >.<

That's it! So, look forward (or dread!) posts about these various things in the future.

Ack, I almost forgot one! This doesn't get nearly the prominence as the others, but!

6) TEA!!!!!!!!

That's it. I swear. ...I hope.

This post was meant to have so many different names. At one point I wanted to call it “The Most Expensive Thing in Your Kitchen (appliances excluded)”. Then I thought to call it “Small Kitchen Cooking.” There were a few more titles floating around somewhere, but I discarded them all at the end. Well, except for the most expensive one. That might get used at some point for an entirely different post.

The point of this post isn’t that important. It’s really here for me to crow that I’ve SUCCESSFULLY roasted a chicken, by myself, for the first time ever!! And on my first try too! Double crowing! *brushes off shoulder* oh yeah.

I followed the basic recipe outlined here: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/04/herb-roasted-whole-chicken/

Pioneer Woman. :3 One of my favorite blogs and cookbooks! Warning, NONE of her recipes are “light”. But omigosh they’re so yummy. Funny thing is, this roasted chicken recipe is actually courtesy of Pioneer Woman’s friend Pastor Ryan. XD So, I supposed I should *actually* thank Pastor Ryan. And give thanks to Pioneer Woman for convincing pastor Ryan to put this on her blog! Woo! Thank you both!

Me being me, I couldn’t follow the directions to the letter. For one, I used dried herbs instead of fresh. Cuz uh…..fresh herbs are expensive. >.> I changed the amts of herbs used. I added different herbs. BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER, DOES IT?! Because it (the chicken, that is) STILL came out amazing!

And… that’s all I have to say. XD I did mention before that this post was pointless, didn’t I? But hey, I actually posted something! First time in a really long time.


Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

What’s your favorite kind of weather?
Thunderstorms! and rain all day long. especially if it's cold!

Sep. 12th, 2011

User: Dusty_dreams
Name: Lucas Naoki St. Cyr
Age: 19
Writes to: Ira (Manicdak) and Raffy (Parker)

LukeCollapse )


What is your LEAST favorite movie of all time, and why?

Titanic!!!!! A movie about a sinking ship should not take 2 1/2 hours to get to the sinking part! 

A close second would be a Christmas Story

Food Blog - Creamed Eggs

Have you ever had creamed eggs? If not, you're missing out; creamed eggs are a wonderful concoction that is yummy, versatile, and best of all, easy to make. In fact, there is only ONE way to mess up creamed eggs. I say one way instead of none at all because A: there is no such thing as no way to mess up a recipe. That could only happen in a perfect world with perfect people; and B: ....insert your own reason. Before I go into the only way creamed eggs could possibly go wrong, the following will outline the *correct* way to make creamed eggs. Please keep in mind everybody's recipes are different and can vary through personal taste, so this way may not be THE correct way for someone else. This recipe comes to me through my roommate S and guarantees a yummy finished product.

Cast of Characters:
12 eggs
4 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons flour
3 cups of milk
salt and pepper to taste

THAT'S IT!! How great is that? No hunting for exotic ingredients like Horned Spinach or Blood of Jabberwocky. ...I don't know if those actually exist. I don't think they do.

Place eggs in a pot and cover with cold water. Remember, cold! Put the eggs in before the water boils! Turn the stove on to medium high heat and allow water to come to a boil. Once it has reached that point, boil the eggs for 10 minutes.
*If you boil your water before putting your eggs in, allow the eggs to boil for 12-14 minutes.

Drain the eggs of hot water and put cold water back into the pot. The eggs are done after boiling for 10 minutes, putting cold water in ensures that you don't burn your hands when reaching for an egg.

Peel eggs and roughly chop. When S and I made this recipe, we discarded every third egg yolk to cut down on cholesterol. You may choose to discard every other yolk or keep them all. Life's full of choices. Choose whichever one that will make your stomach say Nom nom nom.

Mean while, in a medium to large pot that is wider than it is tall (think chili pot, not stock pot) melt the butter over medium heat.

Once the butter has melted, whisk or stir in the flour.  **THIS IS THE STEP YOU CAN MESS UP ON. See below**

Stir in milk. Whether you stir flour in first or milk does not matter. The type of milk is up to you. It's good with whole milk, 2%, skim or fat free!

Whisk and/or stir the mix until it has started to thicken. Once you arrive at this point, let it cook for 2-4 minutes. You have just made a very simple bechamel! Congratulations!
*If you decide you want a thicker sauce, add another tablespoon of flour. If you want a thinner sauce, add 1/2 cup of milk. Adjust until you reach the desired consistency*

Stir in chopped eggs. Salt and Pepper. Warm through aaannnd you're done! Serve on baked biscuits or anything you desire.

Isn't that an easy recipe? As is, this recipe is rather bland, but that makes it very nice on upset stomachs and the queasy. It is very customizable, never fear. I like adding Creole spice to it, S occasionally adds chopped pepperoni, and other roommate K likes adding sausage. 

**Now. How you can mess up creamed eggs. Whenever you make creamed eggs, the ratio of butter to flour is equal. If you add 4 tablespoons of butter, put in 4 tablespoons of flour. 8tb butter means 8tb of flour, etc etc. 

The first time I made creamed eggs (last night, actually), I realized there were a plethora of eggs from our Sam's club shopping excursion and decided to make a big batch of creamed eggs all by myself. Through out the process, I ask S for measurements on my ingredients. Things are progressing smoothly until I notice after 20 minutes of stirring my flour, butter and milk mixture, that not only are the lumps of flour not disappearing, but my sauce still has raw flour in it and looks nothing like the white sauce S made. I plead with S for help. Maybe I added the milk first when it should have been flour? I ran out of milk halfway so I switched to water. Did that ruin it? Perhaps I wasn't stirring as I poured in the ingredients? (please note: it doesn't matter) S comes into the kitchen, and, to our horror, realizes that she told me to put in 6 CUPS of flour instead of 6 TABLESPOONS.

Of course, since I realize that I have used up all the milk in the house, K has to stop playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on his new XBox 360 and walk across the soccer field to the nearby grocery store and buy more milk. He comes back with two gallons.

And we use ONE WHOLE GALLON. It seemed, no matter how much milk we poured into the now loathsome flour mix, there are still lumps and we can't make them go away. Flour is all over me and the kitchen. We even transferred half of the mix to another pot because the original 6 quart pot could no longer contain the ever increasing amounts of milk and flou

Eventually, finally!! the lumps of flour disperse, creamed eggs could continue. Instead of a 20 minute dinner, the ordeal has dragged on for 2 hours. My original idea of making a big batch using 18 eggs has now turned into a GINORMOUS batch with not enough eggs. We decide to only add eggs to one pot, to preserve some semblance of normalcy and freeze the other pot for later use.

There you have it. The only way to ruin creamed eggs. Of course, if you are an optimistic person, you need not see it this way. You (and I) now have 2 tupperware containers filled with extra white sauce. Perhaps we can add cheese and make it an alfredo sauce? Add some bacon grease and black pepper and it becomes a wonderful black pepper gravy. 

Or you could simply laugh every time you open the fridge and see the damning evidence of an eventful evening in front of you.


Writer's Block: Light reading

Some books are inspirational. Others are intellectually stimulating or emotionally comforting. Then there are those juicy, mindless reads that are only good for a plane ride or the beach. Which books or authors fall under this last category?

anything by carly phillips chick read central!